What does that even mean?

Inherently Fancy. It’s not a hooker reference, if that’s what you’re thinking.

Years ago, my friend and I were in a high-octane “business meeting,” which looked a lot like us sitting jobless for hours at a cafe (we took notes, ergo “business”), getting wicked caffeine buzzes and discussing possible routes to the fortune and glory that no doubt lay in our future, when dear Lea says “that is your tagline; Inherently Fancy. You just are.”

And so it was. I had always thought of it like in the Birdcage as my “Guatamaleness.” People fear my awesomeness like they fear Agador’s Guatamaleness and that is why I had yet to achieve  worldwide fame.

It was the only possibility.

Style-wise, I had always attributed my inherent fancy to the time that our family lived in Panama; I had just absorbed the style there through osmosis and from then on, assumed that sequined half-shirts and hot pink sweat bands were what everyone wore to preschool.  I am still hard pressed to believe otherwise. It was the 80’s.

Anyhoo, Inherently Fancy means that we are celebrating everyday mundane. Good, bad, weird, we are living la vida loca, even if that just means driving to work instead of taking the bus-like a fucking rockstar, or wearing your Hill Street Blues tee-shirt with diamond hoop ear rings because DEAL WITH IT.

When you are working the daily grind everyday for 11 hours to pay your mortgage, leaving little time for the life you are spending your young life paying for, you need something. You need a lil’ Fancy to spice up your day. Lawd knows I need fancy.  So this is it! A free WordPress account! You like-y?

Join me. Because we’re gonna rock this internet-tube-y town.




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