Salad Days

Hey yoooo,

So I couldn’t help but notice that I had no readers over the weekend which is a bizarre mix of discouraging and also liberating. That means probably no one is around to see this:

Lookin fly

Lookin’ fly

That’s me. Nice to meet you, I told you I was Inherently Fancy. Don’t let that awesomeness intimidate you, I’m really very nice, it’s just that I’m making a face. Please know that is not the usual state of my face.

Recently, one of my oldest friends from high school asked me to be a bridesmaid and I couldn’t be happier to be included. I had sort of been asking the universe to light a fire under my ass to get back in shape and to my amazement, I got a call from her. She really is the best.

This means so many different things; I get to go home to the East Coast in the Fall (as if I needed any more reason than that), see people that I know and love and grew up with and are family…that I get to stand up in front of them in a bridesmaid dress (thus the focus on working out)…I get to celebrate two dear friends getting married to each other after like, a million years dating. Two dear friends that traveled to Kauai and braved a 5 hour time difference for my own destination wedding. Really the best. The VERY best.

Since my wedding almost two years ago, when I successfully dropped 20 lbs, using a combination of the Paleo diet and exercise, I have put it all back on. I have managed to continue working out, but am seriously slacking. I have considered many different motivators to step it up, but when thrown up against ice cream in the summertime, each has systematically failed.

I learned something when I was preparing for my wedding; I need structure. I cannot be allowed to wing it food-wise and so, starting last week, I ruled out some stuff (carbs, mostly) and so far, I have eaten many, many salads. Smoothies. Also salad. So much salad. Possibly a cheeseburger.

It’s just that cooking in the summer is hard and I will do everything possible to avoid it. As a result, I have acquired a healthful “not boring” selection of recipes and cheats over the years that require no stove or oven at all. I’ll share. Like I said, I’m totally nice.

It is such an opportune time with all of the ripe fruits and veggies to eat a cold diet that I have no excuse, except for the fact that I live in Portland, OR and there are a million delicious excuses at hand at any given moment. It is just too easy to kick back with a drink in the summer and also to overdo it with salt and over eating, which everyone knows totally suck on a hot day, but whatever. I do what I want.

So here goes!  I got my 80’s Cardio Pandora station, a gym with a large fan to make hair-flipping to that 80’s music that much more awesome, I got my fancy workout clothes, I have all none of you to keep me honest and finally, I have found some motivation that I think may stick. At least until it’s time to wear that bridesmaid dress, anyway…Wish me luck!


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