Summertime Cooking Tips for the Very Lazy and Semi-Health Conscious

So my little chickadees, yesterday we discussed briefly how hot weather is the bane of my existence and how it renders me useless as a whiny, stomping child against the ever-nagging need to eat food.

It was 99 friggin’ degrees yesterday with the humidity at 60%. I know what you’re thinking;  “Perfect opportunity to have ice cream for dinner.” But dearests, I’m not supposed to. Hubbs was busy putting his new Ikea furniture together and had no time for making me food.

For unfair, unjust times such as these, I have devised a series of backups and cheats.

I call them; Summertime Cooking Tips for the Very Lazy and Semi-Health Conscious and I have helpfully separated them categorically into how industrious you are feeling.

Tips For the Uber Lazy.

1. Eat finger foods.  Ideally, you will want one of those plates with dividers, but you are an adult now. You can do whatever you want, remember? Mine look like this: Apple slices, peanut butter, some Boar’s Head lunchmeat, some olives, and some cheese.

2. You want ice cream but dammit, you have goals; Greek Yogurt, whatever summer fruit you have (PEACHES and BLUEBERRIES!), some roasted almonds (unsalted) or sunflower seeds (or, if you’re naughty, Trader Joe’s chocolate covered sunflower seeds-I DO WHAT I WANT!), chia seeds, honey.

3. Smoothies. Juices. If you plan ahead a little by doing your prep work ahead of time and cutting up your fruits and vegg, you can just start shoving things into a blender!

-Lazy Protip; Always accept the bounty of other people’s gardens. You never know when it will save you a trip to the store.

-Lazy Protip #2; For Father’s Day, I bought myself my husband a wonderful, thoughtful prezzie; A grill. This ingenious contraption allows the cooking to be done outside, by someone else, in the miserable heat of the day, even.

You’re willing to go shopping. But only in your pantry.

1. Half-Ass it: You may have heard Sandra Lee refer to this as “Semi-Homemade” but she also turns the oven on and we are not having any of that. Look in your pantry or refrigerator and take stock of your random food collection.  Make up some tuna salad. Eat it with carrot sticks.

Look, I didn’t say these were fancy, just easy.

2. The MacGyver lunch; Bring the makings of a salad to work, whatever you have. Mine looks like this on a good day: Torn lettuce. spinach, some cherry tomatoes and some sunflower seeds. Sometimes canned grapefruit or olives. Then at lunchtime, you go to the salad buffet and get your protein and whatever else, salad dressing and you save money (ours is by weight)!

Or you go and you get your tacos at the lunch cart and you dump them into your salad. You dress it with salsa. BAM! 100 awesome points for not eating the tortillas.

3. Popsicles. Make your own using fresh fruit and yogurt. Make ahead, pull out of freezer on a hot day. Eat as many as it takes.

4. Grill it. Cut up some vegg, wrap it in a tin foil tent with some garlic and spices and oil and then have Hubbs or whomever is nominated to be your slave that day put it on the grill along with the meat while you hang out inside, starfishing in the a/c.

You’re willing to go shopping. At the store. For exactly 5 items.

1. The rotisserie chicken is a glorious thing. Salads. Wraps. Finger food. Share it with your doggie, like I do.

2. Salad makings. You make the salad, someone else grills the meats. *Bonus- Pre-marinated, ready-to-grill meats.

3. The ready-made food counter. No one will judge you. If you are going to go to a store, go to the healthy one and to their ready-made counter and get a selection of salads and proteins. For when you are treating yo’self.

-Lazy Protip; It is more expensive, but sometimes, I buy the pre-shredded carrot and cabbage and garlic and things when prep work feels like too much…work.

-Not Lazy Pro-tip; If you are ambitious enough to go to the store on a hot day, then maybe you have it in you to go for a walk? There’s nothing like the summer heat for diminishing an appetite. By the time you’re done, you will only want a little something cold and refreshing. Like chocolate milk or yogurt.

Fewer dishes=Extreme laziness


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