TINY HOME: A Living Room Makeover

LRMakeoverbeforeLook at that horrid putty color on the walls. The bulkiness of our coats. The awesomeness of my vintage decorations… This is from last Christmas when we surprised each other by getting each other the same bag, which is an entirely different, super cute story.

A recent Googling/ Pinteresting session lead to the discovery that at 735 Square Feet, we are the owners of something in between a “Tiny Home” and a “Small Home.”

When I bought it, I lived alone with my big-ass dog. Then I got married. To a normal-sized man with a normal-sized kid.

Needless to say, we feel the pinch. Unsure how long we would be living here (we are currently looking for a new, less “homey” home) we were not sure exactly how much time and energy we wanted to put into the place but we could agree only on the fact that anything we could do to make the inside more comfortable and less cluttered would be more than welcome.

And so, we decided to paint and to put up shelves. And then we decided to replace the chair, get new curtains and a side table, spray paint all of the outlet covers and light switches gold and before we knew it, we had one classy joint.

I already know; the pictures aren’t great. I hated that putty color, so I always cropped it out so you know, use your imagination.

But you guys! Check out after! Those shelves are currently keeping clutter off of our side tables and providing a catch-all for our keys and sunglasses and…earbuds. Great, right?

LRMakeover2 LRMakeover3LRMakeoverafter LRMakeover4 LRMakeover5

I know, right? Who’s a classy broad? It has made a huge difference in how we use and see the space. Should have done it years ago!


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