So Mistah Brian over there at Love, Food and Beer has generously nominated my Summertime Cooking Tips for the Very Lazy and Semi-Health Conscious post for a Wonderful Team Readership Award-y thingie!

Fist bump

It gave me a chance to take a look around and check out some new people and places in Blogworld and I loved discovering the varied voices out there in the void. It’s been great reading.

Congrats and thanks again!

I should mention that there is a “chain letter”-type element that goes along with this and encourage you to find 14 blog posts that you enjoyed and to share them as well. If that’s your thing. I personally would have stopped at 7 because I am, after all, very lazy. But then I would never have found the rest of you crazy kids. Keep up the fabulous work and pass it along!

Mixed Tape Masterpiece‘s Radio 83. Because are you kidding me? This blog exists! All hail the mix tape!

The Lemonade Chronicle‘s Mr. Monkey is in charge. Because I have been to Cooperstown, I think that monkey portrait is hilarious and I always appreciate Vincent Price and Munsters reference.

Gone CatawompusFailings at Femininity: Flirting is Hard. Because, awesome. Yes. Big giggles.

Cookies + Sangria‘s I’m Trying to Understand Shark Week. Because you didn’t miss anything. I am still wondering where it came from. Bacon, I get. Mason jars, to a lesser extent.

Cats and Chocolate‘s What the **** is Normal by Francesca Martinez. Because I was just looking at this for my reading list. Get out of my head…

Lisa Bonowiscz‘s Sheltered Beach. Because it reminds me of home.

Mr. Library Dude‘s Escape to Your Happy Place: De-Stressing on the Job. Because library lady or not, I can/ do use these. Especially the animal pictures…I have a friend who is a Library lady and will pass the advice along. She really needs the de-stressing.

Icelandica: My Iceland Thing Because Iceland. Well told, this maybe the most I know about life there, other than what Anthony Bourdain tells me…obviously.

Pursuit of a Joyful Life‘s Best End of Summer Parent Ever Because this post is a list of the summers of my childhood. And now the kid’s childhood.

Life Aboard the Traveling CircusHow to Judge a Book by it’s Cover Because this is my process, exactly.

Vittle Monster‘s The Complete Galette. Because I, too am a Vittle Monster and I enjoy your pictures and San Francisco.

La Petite Casserole‘s “Panino,” Prosciutto di Parma, figs and goat cheese with beet bread. I mean, der. That’s why.

In FocusWe’re in Relationships (Just Not With People) Because this is true. Except for me. I am fabulous at relationships.

Little Stories10 Short Story Collections You Have to Read Because I always enjoy recommendations and these sound like great ones.



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