Deep down, I have a natural proclivity to the routine. It helps me remember things and to do relatively well at participating in daily life, but doing the same things the same way all the time can grate a little, make you feel like you are missing out on the life that you are out there working for…Make you want to break free, even.

I often think about how unfair it is that all through school, we adhere to a schedule that allows breaks and vacation during the school year and then we are thrown into real life where those things are cruelly stripped from us. Don’t even get me started on the 40-hour work week…I will only say that having more time adds quality to your life and I work in a system that wants most of my time. Also,

VIVA LA SIESTA! Who’s with me??

Until that beautiful day, I have developed strategies to combat this feeling of unrest in the summertime so that it feels like a real, live summer break.

1. Take random days off. I had a friend in town for the last few months and trust me on this; knowing that I had a day off coming up, even a half day, gave me something to look forward to. Do things you wouldn’t normally have time for. This is not the time for Home Depot.

pin ball

Because it’s time for pin ball.

2. Play tourist in your own city/ state. One of my favorite things about having my friend in town was showing her around. Portland changes like, everysinglesecond, so I am always finding something new. Stop and explore. On your way home from work, you notice that new place is open and you want to check it out. Go in. Sit at the bar. Have a drink and an appetizer. Eating by yourself can be fantastic (remember, romancing yourself is good for you). Or call in late so that you can take yourself to a leisurely breakfast. Day trips. Plan them. Take them.


Totally cannot see her house from here.

3. Make a Summer Reading List. Just like when you were a kid. Make Fall reading lists, too.


It’s the Hardy Boys, dude.

4. In fact, do all kinds of kid stuff. Kids are excellent at summer. If you don’t have any, borrow some for observation. As a general rule, you will probably have more fun if you think like a kid, anyway.


Like a big kid treasure hunt. Don’t tell them that, though or they will be disappointed when it’s not real treasure…Learn from my mistakes.

5. Eat tons of ice cream. Like, at least everyday. In fact, Eat seasonally. Drink Summer drinks and eat summer food.


Shandy = Summah

Cherry dip

Cherry Dip = Summer


Peaches = awesome

6.  Re-decorate your cubicle so it’s not so…cubically.

lil hawaii

How do you celebrate Summer?


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