National Doggy Day was yesterday. This post is late. Get over it. I want you guys to meet my Magnus!

Or Monkey or Wonderdog (also see: Adventuredog) or Stinkapottomus Rex.

He is five years old, 165 pounds. He is a blue Great Dane and he loves long walks on the beach at sunset, being the little spoon, butt scratches and soft serve ice cream. 

He does not have a saddle. We do not ride him to work. We have a teeny-tiny house, a big truck (because the Camry didn’t work out) and he has the biggest, man-dog bark in the neighborhood. I have had him since he was two and I wish all the time that I had seen him as a poopy.

This is Magnus sleeping

This is Magnus sleeping after a long morning of sleeping.

Magnus 4

And here he is taking up the backseat of a Nissan Titan. Look at him sitting on his bum like a people.

Look at him, sleeping again.

Sleeping again. Like a house cat, really.

And in the water, wading like the old man dog he is.

And in the water, wading. Swimming is for young pups and he is a distinguished gentleman…Up until he rubs his face in your crotch.


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