Now you know what I have been doing with myself; watching movies!

For real though, I was on vacation…from this blog but also from real life, so PLENTY of time for movies. We love to go to the library and grab whatever looks good. The Multnomah County Library system is really fantastic and quite often, we find titles that we missed in the theaters.

Here are a few that stood out:

CHEF. We both loved this movie, really uplifting. A great cast. It will make you hungry, so have your snackies at the ready.

CHEF_OSSINISTER. As a fan of horror movies, I think that this new generation of movies like Insidious,The Conjuring and now Sinister have crawled right into my head to make movies that are scary to me. Not gorey, but the kind that leaves you in the dark for long enough for you to use your imagination. We liked Sinister the best so far.

Sinister20 FEET FROM STARDOM. A really great documentary about the women behind the music. You name the song or the artist, they have worked with them. These ladies have the PIPES.

Extra star

THIS IS THE END. Hilarious. Rotten, hilarious humor. Love the actors playing caricatures of themselves.This is End


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