Did you see this floating around out there in the web’o’sphere?

a woman's mindThis rings so very, very true for me-even on a literal level; right now, in fact, when I look to my browser, I have eight tabs open. Eight.

One time, I attempted to make a list of all the things that had gone through my mind in a single day. It topped 200.

I did this for a couple of reasons; Funsies (der, what’s not fun about this exercise?), to track where my energy was going, to make a point to my husband (not that he doesn’t have lots of tabs open too, but even he was surprised) and to identify where I might be able to improve the quality of my thoughts and start to integrate some of the forward motion that I feel I have been lacking lately and thus feeling sad and helpless about it (Do you get this too?)

In accordance with last week’s Lesson in Decompression, I am trying to “think less” and “mindfully cultivate” my thoughts. Balance, Write my own, personal instruction manual if you will. All those cheesy Self-Help Shelf things.

Whatever works, right?

So this is how I have been managing:

1. Look at my schedule. For the month, for the week. Look at the events coming up.

2. Are there any events that require planning ahead? Wrapping presents, meal planning, placing orders?

3. Embrace the list! I know that this sounds a little Type A, but I simply cannot hold all of that information in this gorgeous head of mine forever.


4. Make a weekly list. Whiddle that list down to a few daily goals. When I have done those few things, I’m done for the day. I may do more if I am inspired to, but the idea is to stay focused and not to feel overwhelmed by a barrage of thoughts.

I can and may write an entire blog about how important just making the decision is in de-cluttering your brain, but for now, make time on your daily list for making decisions. Planning for next Halloween ON Halloween might seem insane, but it’s when I get the best costume ideas. Decide. That way, you can move onto an action plan, then come October, you are winning costume contests.


5. I like to maintain a healthy mixture of things that are lame; scheduling dentist appointments and ordering dog supplements, with things that I look forward to like a ten minute meditation ( is a-mah-zing!), writing a blog post (hello, you) or making something tasty. Every once in a while, I throw in something that scares me. Next week, it’s acupuncture. It doesn’t have to be crazy. Little victories.

6. If you stare at the computer all day, like I do, minimize the amount of browser tabs you have open. So often (like maybe right now), I keep tabs open as a reminder; “think about ordering flowers from this place!” “Holy shikes! A Bedazzler!” “Hello, dream home…”

A) I have a notebook with lists just for my random fabulous thoughts, or I make a little reminder in my schedule to order flowers from that one place. Pinterest is perfect for this. Make a Secret “gift” board and then when you think of the perfect gift, you can pin it. I plan baby showers, wedding decorations, all manner of events using Pinterest. Make a board for the random information that you don’t know what to do with; interesting articles and such. That way, you never loose it and you can go back again and again.

They say that “the human mind is like a computer” and just like a computer, when it tries to do too many things at once, it crashes.

Use these devices like you would a zip or an external storage so you are not always trying to remember things and you will always have your ideas at your finger tips.

B) If you are a curious and compulsive Googler, like I am, Google, get your answer, then get out. CLOSE THE TAB, get back to business. Social media, too. It really does takes a lot out of you…Close it.

I have found that when I am productive and focused, my mind is “lighter” and I skip right past the overwhelmed, downer, exhausted track. I feel more energized and ultimately get more done and maintain a better mood.

What are your suggestions for better balancing life’s demands?


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