Yeah, yeah, yeah. Everyone loves Fall. Blah, blah, blah…

…And THIS GIRL is no different! I’m from the East Coast, bitches, of course I love Fall!

I am all about switching gears each season. All the gears. From the food and drinks to music and movies and pants.

Sorry. I’m still a little bitter about pants…

Along with sweaters and soup and turning the oven back on, it’s time to switch up my reading.

Now, I know that you fancy me some born intellectual but it will surprise you to learn that I am not a natural born reader. Sometimes I am surprised at how much I actually read in high school considering I often said (outloud) “I don’t really do that.”

But then I moved to Portland and friends, I DEFY you to move to Portland and not read. The library system is still a staggering marvel to me compared to the one I grew up with (that was literally in a trailer) with all of the services it provides and programs and brand new books and movies. Actual authors come here. I have seen them.

Breathe, Fancypants. Breathe.

Everyone here reads. On the bus, at a restaurant. Did you go to that restaurant specifically because you wanted some time alone with this book? I know you did. It’s okay here. Hell, it’s common. The good news is, it’s Fall and hibernating is what we do best, so order yourself a scotch and read away.

My system for deciding on new books feels like a progression of my changing interests; I try to read a variety of recommended books, classics, new books and my favorite, re-reading the greats. I like to throw things in once in a while that are out of my usual. It’s good for us to be well-rounded. Plus, every time that I discover a new, amazing author that just says it, just nails it, it’s like high-fiving a new friend.

Can you believe that after all these years, I just high-fived Mark Twain?

1. Roughing It.

roughing itI mean, I read Huckleberry Finn when I was a kid, but I never really connected, you know? But I have a thing for travel literature and this is MARK. TWAIN, ya’ll. In a horse drawn buggy, heading West. You know, to the Wild West? In 1870 Mining for silver back when the border of the United States stopped at Nebraska? I never knew it could be so good. He speaks to me. 144 years later, he is hilarious, not P.C and if you’ve ever had a bad day, you can rest easy knowing that at least you never started a forest fire at Lake Tahoe.

No one has adventures like Mark Twain anymore.

2. Smoke Gets in your eyes

smoke gets in your eyesThis was my Halloween-y pick. Caitlin Doughty is fantastic on her You Tube channel where she demystifies that whole “what happens when you die?” In detail. Like…detail. Maybe don’t eat and read this one. But definitely read it if you have ever had questions. She will make you think about how American culture handles death and the rules and regulations around it. I know a couple of funeral directors and I will tell you that they are some of the quirkiest people with the best, most cynical sense of humor.

3. Henry and June.

henry and jouneIt’s sexy as hell, I’m not going to lie, and AnaÏs Nin was a fabulous writer which is what separates this from your grocery store, naked man on the cover cheap thrill. This is Boeuf Bourguignon (making it this week!) not canned chunky soup. Based on her diaries in 1931-1932 in Paris, she wrote about the intense relationship between herself and author Henry Miller-both married at the time- that resulted in some of the best love letters I have ever been jealous of not receiving. But aaaaah, the French are not known for running from love or lust…This is guaranteed to keep you warm.

Bisous, dear readers! Happy reading!


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