I don’t know about you, but what I need changes all the time. When I am dragging or having an “off” day, I will ask myself “what do you need to turn this day around?”

And then I make it happen.

Here’s what I am needing this week:

1. Affogato from Spella Caffe. Gelato (I adore the chocolate chip- or “stracciatella”) with espresso poured over. It’s stunning. The smoky bitterness of the coffee mixes with the creamy sweetness of the gelato and it is the best pick-me-up ever invented.

spella affogato

Courtesy Jeff G, Yelp

2. Martha Stewart’s Butternut Sage Lasagna. Do you love sage? Well? DO YOU? I love it. I especially love it in this recipe because it’s the main flavor point with the richness of the cheese…Forget it.

Plus, it’s butternut squash season!


Courtesy Sweet Peas and Saffron

3. Warm footwear. They are not for every day, they are not for work, they are a treat for when I get home and take those shoes off. They are my signal to the world that says “not now, I am in comfort mode. I am being glamorously lazy right now.” They are a very personal choice, I only wish they were more outlandish.


Courtesy, Amazon

4. Timed taper candles in a blue-tinted mason jar. They work great for Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas. Super cozy and on a timer so you don’t even have to remember/ forget to turn them on and off.

Courtesy, Apple Hill Homestead

Courtesy, Apple Hill Homestead

5. Eggwhite Soap. Gentle now that the weather has changed. Keeps my combo skin moisturized. Been using it for years and still can’t get enough of the clean scent.

eggwhite soap


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