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Don’t be afraid. It’s empowering to make definitive choices for yourself and everyone knows that power is sexy. Ergo, these are tips on brangin’ the sexy. Let’s DO THIS, hot stuff!

They say that the unknown scares us; I believe this is absolutely true and this is why I am an avid planner and strategist; because when we have decided what we’re doing next, we have direction and it’s not so scary. If you have something in the back of your mind that gives you anxiety, deciding to address it right out and make a plan will likewise, makes it less scary.

We have to be picky about what clutters up our minds if we want to be present. We can, out of pure practicality, only think about a few things at a time without getting overwhelmed, so make sure your thoughts are worth it.

For the bigger stuff: but also helpful…

1. CATEGORIZE: How monstrous is the decision? Is it life-altering or is it a flat tire? If it’s life-altering, know that some of the best experiences come as a result of a sudden change of plans and the sooner you can start seeing the positives, the sooner you can be on the other side and moving onward and upward.

Always onward and upward, baby.

If it’s a great thing; will you study abroad in Paris or Madrid? Will you take the job that you want or the one that pays? Don’t spend too much time on decisions of the heart. Just go. You’re head will only get in your way.

2. ACTION. Getting something accomplished automatically makes us feel better, so how long can you allow this to occupy you? How long do you have to mull it over? If I think that I am going to loose sleep over it, I will do whatever it takes to fix it quickly and get it gone. Write an email at midnight, call and leave an apology message, find the right paperwork, figure out what you need and get it handled, sucka!

Sometimes simply making the decision, right or wrong, is the best decision to get it out of your life when you have more pressing issues; will you go or won’t you, where? These are things that you can re-evaluate later, but simply committing to an event or declining will clear the low level anxiety around making a decision so you can move what? Onward and upward, that’s right.

Personally, I favor the path of least resistance. You do what you want, though.

3. BOTTOM LINE. What is the reality of the situation? What is the bottom line? What do you NEED to do? If it doesn’t need attention rightthisverysecond, forget it until you have the time to really dedicate to thinking about it.

For everything else:

5. PLANNING and research. Make decision-making time by setting it aside on your weekly/ daily to-do lists. Again, CHOOSE WISELY. Consider outside factors like the weather (are you visiting Boston in the Winter? Hope you don’t plan on leaving…) and write down your ideas as far ahead as possible; think about Halloween ON Halloween. Think about Christmas on Christmas. You’re already sitting there thinking “this is perfect. What can I do to make it perfect next year, too?” Or “how could I make this even more perfect next year?” Have trouble figuring out what to wear to events? Think about it and decide when you get the invitation.

6. DETERMINE your commitment level. How far you are willing to go for this? Is dinner worth it for you if you have to pick up your friend who doesn’t drive across town and then drop her off, too? It might be, just decide. Maybe you get take out and bring it over, maybe she takes the bus and meets you half way.

I would buy the windshield wipers for more, rather than drive to 17 different locations looking for a good deal on them and waste gas money. Worth it.

7. RE-ADJUST your priorities as needed. Daily. Hourly sometimes. Whenever circumstances dictate. Re-adjust. Adapt, adapt.

8. What RESOURCES are you going to need to get er done? Time off? Money? You may have to ask for help. It’s easier than you think and it will save your sanity and your life.

9. STOP thinking once you have made your decision. You are only dedicating so much time to it, let it go.

I think that the only downfall to getting your shit handled so effectively is that you realize that you are ready to level-up and make…more decisions. Bigger ones. Maybe it’s not a downfall, though. Maybe it just means that you’re owning the game of life.

You player, you.


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